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You ROCK!!! Your my unsung hero!!! www.glyndonmn.com

Denise ~ City Of Glyndon, MN
Shawn, Thank you very much that is very nice of you for doing that for me. It looks great and I think it will definitely be all we need for the time being.Thanks www.migratorvalleyoutfitters

Shane ~ Migrator Valley Outfitters
Looks great Shawn! Exactly what I wanted. Please send an invoice, and the final proof. Thanks! RE: Rack Card Design

Jason ~ UAS Service
We really like the website and all your great touches, etc. It is a website to be proud of, that's for sure. www.tamaracbayresort.com

Susan ~ Tamarac Bay Resort
Yes -I'm very happy with the site!! www.modetravelagency.com

Katie ~ Mode Travel Agency
Love the site! www.ezpuck.com

Paul ~ EZ Puck
The website looks great! www.mpmfargo.com

Terri ~ Modern Property Management
Thank you for all of your work this year, we have gotten amazing feedback on how great the website is this year. www.kcprowest.net

Alanna ~ KC Pro West Snowmobile Club
Very good Shawn thanks for all your help! Everything looks really good! perfect! www.werockyouroll.com

Mike ~ FM Custom & Collision
The website looks great! Thanks, Wendy www.thepinkbus.net

Wendy ~ The Pink Bus Mystery Trips
Paulette, Your photography is STUNNING!! I would like to talk to you about being our exclusive photographer for all of our listings going forward.

Katherine ~ Aspire Realty
Website looks awesome. Thanks again. www.ptlhomeinspections.com

Shawn ~ Plains To Lakes Home Inspections
Looks great Shawn! Thanks for making Dig Em Inc. look good! www.digemnd.com

Shyla ~ Dig Em Inc.
Thank you so much for your work, Shawn! Many have complimented me on the website. www.staceyasp.com

Stacey ~ Stacey Asp Liturgical Art & Design
IT looks really good so far! I LOVE the BUY NOW red tag you have on the side like that. It really stands out! www.jicstick.com

Jason ~ JIC Stick
Just wanted to let you know I have viewed the website and I think it looks good. www.gocountrytravel.com

Danielle ~ Country Travel
Thank you...I'm very happy with the new site! www.atchcos.com

Dean ~ Atchison Companies
Looks really good thank you! www.bitscustomcabinets.com

Kami ~ Bits Custom Cabinets
I am finally getting to this and I just want to tell you how fabulous I think it is. Re: Online Home Virtual Tour

Cat Y. ~ Realtor
Thanks for your prompt response , looks great! www.jicstick.com

Jason ~ JIC Stick
You are amazing! That social media stuff looks GREAT!!!

Rachel ~ Rogen Realty
They are here and look good! Thanks,Danielle (Re: Business Cards)

Danielle ~ Country Travel
I saw the AWESOME Beaches Resort post on today. Loved the post! RE: Social Media Marketing & Engagement Services

Danielle ~ Country Travel-Bismarck
Thanks Shawn! Happy to pay! The lobby shots are GREAT! RE: Commercial Photography

Jill H. ~ D&M Industries
We love our new website. Paulette and Shawn were so helpful and responsive. Paulette's pictures are amazing and really brought our product to life! www.valleyhardwoodsupply.com

Janet ~ Valley Hardwood Supply
Shawn Hagen designed and built our website several years ago. It's visually appealing and easy to navigate. Our website is for a local cemetery and we needed built in forms for prospective volunteers and one for inquiries. We have had many people use these features. We've used a lot of photos to enhance the appeal and have just added a "Find a Grave" feature. We are happy with the quality of the site and the reasonable cost, too. www.sunsetmemorialfargo.com

Phyllis ~ Sunset Memorial Gardens
I've worked with Simple Website Creations and Shawn for 3 years. He did a website revamp to make it mobile responsive. Shawn is easy to work with, very knowledgeable and efficient. ~ www.tamaracbayresort.com

Denise ~ Tamarac Bay Resort
The video is great! Thanks again! You are a life saver! RE: Special Project ~ Video Production

Gail H. ~ Moorhead, MN
The advertisement worked out perfectly and I have sent it to the people who needed it for an advertisement we are doing. (RE: Published Advertising Design)

Linda ~ TitleMark, LLC


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