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Our Niche

Marketing Services for Small to Mid-Size Business

 Website Design
 Social Media Marketing
 Organic SEO
 Email Campaign Management
 PPC Advertising
 Logo Design

We have no desire to be everything to everyone.  To best take care of our amazing clients, we had to decide who we are, what we are and how to be the most successful at what we do.  We came to the conclusion that we really just want to create websites and provide marketing services to great clients.

Despite what many people think about design "nerds", we do enjoy interacting with our clients and providing services that simplify the business life of those clients.  Over a period of time we kept hearing that the business owners that we were chatting with were just too busy to navigate the website world of securing domains, setting up web hosting, designing and then maintaining websites.  Our interactions with these clients made it very clear to us that they really wanted a "One Stop Shop". So that is exactly what we do.

More than just Websites!

Sure, we also provide hi-definition real estate photography, website hosting, social media management, print marketing and more.  Each one of these services began because we had great clients searching for these services and they didn't always know where to find them.  We think that the services we provide at Simple Website Creations, LLC are uniquely suited to take care of small to mid-size business.  Guess what?  That is our niche! 


We aren't heroes, just great people making your life easier!

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