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Building websites for non-profit organizations

We are happy to be able to take care of Non-Profit Organizations and "Do Good" organizations. Not only do we offer very affordable websites, but we also offer the following special offers for Non-Profit and Do-Good organizations:

  • Discounted Website Hosting - 10% off your total hosting bill
  • FREE Yearly Standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) - An $84.99/year savings.

Websites for non-profit organizations.

Simple Website Creations appreciates all the good work you do and we want to be able to reward those organizations that take care of others, that is why we also offer these same discounts to organizations that "Do Good". Give us a call at 701-371-1724 or CONTACT US to see if you qualify for these special discounts.


Websites for non-profit organizations.
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Websites for Non-profit agencies.
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