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Organic SEO

What is Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Simply speaking, Organic SEO is the methods used to obtain FREE search engine results. This is not paid advertising or Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising that can be done thru Google, Facebook and numerous other paid advertising opportunities. Though in many cases paid advertising or PPC can be effective, but let's not give up on FREE. A wise man once said "If it's FREE, it's for ME!" We agree!

Some of the things that our Organic SEO Services provide:

  • SWC will review your website content to ensure that keywords that you may be found by in a web search are present.

  • SWC will review your page title,  metatags, metadescriptions and keywords to ensure you are making good use of search engine algorithm.

  • SWC will submit your website to Google and Bing for registration.

  • SWC will install a sitemap file of your website into your hosting platform.

  • SWC will verify your website with Google and Bing.

Though these SEO services are available with all new websites that Simple Website Creations builds, we also have these services available for a fee to those who have their websites built elsewhere. 

If you haven't had these things completed, please call Simple Website Creations, LLC today at 701-371-1724.

* Please Note: To accomplish these services, SWC will need access to domain and hosting files as well as complete authorization from the client to proceed with changes/alterations to the website, domain or hosting files as needed.



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